Z-Wave 模塊


The ZW5002-LT module is a low-cost fully integrated Z-Wave module in a small 31mm x 15mm x 5.6mm form factor. It is an ideal solution for home control applications such as access control, appliance control, AV
control, building automation, energy management, lighting, security, and sensor networks in the “Internet of Things”.

An integrated baseband controller, sub-1GHz radio transceiver, a comprehensive set of hardware peripherals, 16kB of SRAM, and 128kB of Flash memory is available for OEM applications and the Z-Wave protocol stack.


  • ITU G.9959 Compliant
  • 16kB SRAM
  • UART with speed up to 230.4kbps
  • SPI with speed up to 8MHz
  • 3 Interrupt Inputs
  • 15 General Purpose IOs
  • Hardware AES-128 security engine
  • Supply voltage range from 2.3V to 3.6V
  • Optional battery operation
  • Size: 31mm x 15mm x 5.6mm
    Weight: 1.2g